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The development dataset for this task is TAU Urban Acoustic Scenes 2022 Mobile, development dataset. The dataset contains recordings from 12 European cities in 10 different acoustic scenes using 4 different devices. Additionally, synthetic data for 11 mobile devices was created based on the original recordings. Of the 12 cities, two are present only in the evaluation set. The dataset has exactly the same content as TAU Urban Acoustic Scenes 2022 Mobile, development dataset, but the audio files have a length of 1 second (therefore there are 10 times more files than in the 2020 version). Recordings were made using four devices that captured audio simultaneously. The main recording device consists in a Soundman OKM II Klassik/studio A3, electret binaural microphone and a Zoom F8 audio recorder using 48kHz sampling rate and 24-bit resolution, referred to as device A. The other devices are commonly available customer devices: device B is a Samsung Galaxy S7, device C is aniPhone SE, and device D is a GoPro Hero5 Session. Audio data was recorded in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna. The dataset was collected by Tampere University of Technology between 05/2018 – 11/2018. The data collection received funding from the European Research Council, grant agreement 637422 EVERYSOUND.

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